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Welcome! My name is Murtaza. I am a student.techie.creator.human.
Born and raised in Queens, NYC.
Currently attending Stony Brook University for a B.S. in Computer Science.

about murfasa

I created the murfasa website in order to further my personal brand (murfasa) through digitally presenting a curation of my previous work and various websites that I keep tabs on. It also provides me a platform to creatively display insight into my work philosophy and projects that I am passionate towards.
I’m well versed with multiple creativity tools such as multiple programs in the Adobe and Microsoft Office suite, various social media marketing tools, the three major Operating Systems (Windows, MacOS X, and Linux), and quickly pickup new interfaces and languages. Feel free to check out my social media links and give me a follow!
I was born and raised in Queens, New York City but currently reside in Suffolk County, Long Island. I am currently a student enrolled at Stony Brook University as a University Scholar and I am working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
After achieving this degree, I aim to either continue on to graduate school or begin my professional career in the field of technology. Within a few years, I hope to start my own businesses and at some point reach a consultant status with multiple companies.
You are currently on the home page. If you are looking to read some more about my background, check out the about me page. If you are a prospective employer, definitely look at the resume page and download/save a copy of my resume! Some of my academic and professional highlights are listed on the respective pages.