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professional highlights

professional highlights

Campus Residences IT Programming Team (Fall 2021 to Spring 2022)

Created a Reactjs front-end and assisted with connecting the back-end to an on-campus server that sends the status and supply levels of every printer on campus every few minutes.
Was also trained to maintain and work on a webapp that displays the status of all residential TV-billboard computers on campus.

Both of these webapps were deployed on campus and are used by faculty and student technicians.

CodePath iOS Mobile Development (Summer to Spring 2021)

I learned to create iOS applications using Swift and the SwiftUI kit on XCode. On our last project, I worked with a team to create a Tip Calculator application using Github.
Awarded honors certificate for outstanding achievement

Freelance Work (Started in 2018)

Through online communities and virtual marketplaces, I offered freelance services in the scripting, graphics design, and web development industries.
Through networks such as my friends and community servers on Discord, I was able to design logos, web pages, sites, configure servers and web panels, along with code scripts for video game community servers.

Retail Experience (Summer of 2019)

Worked at a hardware store where I was a cashier and did inventory management. I was responsible for ensuring that customers had smooth transactions and providing a pleasant customer service experience. I aided customers in locating products as the store was pretty larger and confusing. On top of this, I would restock merchandise and ensured that the area was kept tidy.